Why is It Crucial to Make a Will?

Death can strike at any time without warning. You may never know when the thunder of grief may strike upon your loved ones. So, you must make it clear in advance about who will own your possessions after you die. To ensure that your assets go to the right person, you need to draft a will.

But why make a will? You might think of telling someone in advance about who would take over the assets. But this is not a good approach. The reason is that your words are not enough in court to address your wishes. So, you need to legalise your wish in the form of a will.

Let us see why creating a will would be beneficial in the future.

5 Reasons to Create a Will

It is impossible to predict when you will die, so it is crucial to plan ahead and decide who will handle your belongings after you are gone. To create a legally binding document outlining your wishes, you can seek assistance from professional lawyers for wills. The following are the advantages of how drafting a will with the help of professionals is crucial:

  1. Prevents family disputes in future

    If there is no clarity about who will own your assets in future, then it can create confusion amongst your family and relatives. Some of your relatives to whom you don’t want to give any share may try to claim your assets. Misunderstandings can happen, especially when people are grieving. Make a will to ensure that your loved ones are protected from future disputes.

  2. Protection for minors

    Parents need to consider who will be the guardians of their children in the event of their death to protect their children’s future. Without a will, there is a risk of others trying to interfere with the property intended for the children, as minors cannot claim property until they are 18. Creating a will in advance allows parents to designate someone to care for their children and manage their property until they reach adulthood.

  3. For leaving legacy behind

    If you are someone who wants to make a positive difference in society, then you can do this by making a will. In the will, you can document the assets you want to donate and to which organisation. Thus, with a will, you can ensure that your possession goes in charity for a greater cause.

  4. Estate management

    After you die, you won’t want your property and financial assets to go into the wrong hands. You can relieve yourself from the stress of how your estate would be handled by drafting a will. A will states who the testator and executor are. If you are making your own will, then you would be a testator. The person you would nominate to handle your estate and assets would be the executor. The executor will carry out all the tasks, from liquidating assets and distributing wealth to handling the estate.

  5. Avoid the law of intestacy

    In the absence of a will, the legal authorities will determine who will take over your possessions. They may decide on distributing your assets to your most closest family member. However, if you want to be specific about who will own your possessions, then creating a will is crucial. A will gives you control over the distribution of your assets.

  6. Saves time for your loved ones

    There is never a full certainty that your loved ones will get the claim over the property. In the absence of will, it can become difficult for the next of kin to acquire your assets. They might have to go through a time-consuming process to claim their possessions. So, by making a will, you would make things easy for your loved one when they are in grief.

Summary: Legalising your wishes in advance will free you from any stress of what will happen to your assets in future. So, if you want your assets to go into the right hands, you can make a will with the help of an attorney. You can trust Jackson Legal to draft perfect wills that receive court approval on time. Our firm also provides experienced Deceased Estate Lawyer in Adelaide who make the probate process easy. So contact us to simplify your legal procedures.