Obtain Probate Hassle Free With Professional Assistance

Have you been given the responsibility of handling the assets of the deceased?

If your loved one has designated you with the duty of handling their assets in their will, then you are the executor. As an executor, you have the following responsibilities:

  1. Arranging the funeral as requested in the will
  2. Obtaining death certificate
  3. Distributing assets to beneficiaries
  4. Paying back to creditors
  5. Maintaining records of all assets and transactions

However, to execute all these tasks, you need to prove that the will is authentic and you are the rightful person appointed. You get the authority of an executor only when you get the grant of probate from the court. Now, you may wonder what probate is and why you need it.

Let us see in detail why this document is so crucial when you are an executor.

What Is a Probate, And Why Do You Need It?

It is a legal document that validates that you are the right executor who will manage and deal with the possessions of the deceased person. In case the person who passed away didn’t make a will then in that case the court will grant a letter of administration. In both the cases of will and no will, you will need to have approval from the court. Basically, having a grant of probate would mean having legal proof that you have the right over the deceased person’s assets. The probate is mostly required when the person has a large sum of liquid assets.

When applying for probate, if you don’t arrange the right documents, then this process may be delayed. Applying for a grant of probate by yourself comes with many downsides, such as:

Possible Drawbacks of Applying Probate By Yourself

  • Personal liability:

    There are many complexities involved while applying for probate. When complying with a number of things, there is a chance that you may make a mistake. Even if you make an error unknowingly, in the end, you will be held responsible.

  • Time-consuming:

    The process of getting a grant of probate can extend anywhere from a few months to a year. If you have many commitments in life then it can get difficult for you to keep up with requests of court from time to time.

  • Costly:

    If you apply for a grant of probate without the help of a lawyer, then the court’s administrative duties will increase, which will, in turn, increase your fees. Also you won’t be able to know how to get some amount of tax relief on the assets.

To make the process of getting a grant from the court easy, you need expert help. It is better to search for the “Best Probate Lawyers Near Me” to ensure that you don’t have to deal with any complexities and are able to get the grant as soon as possible.

But what does a probate lawyer do?

To know the answer, keep on reading further.

Duties Of A Probate Lawyer

  • Preparing documents:

    The lawyer gathers all the necessary documents that are required when you have to obtain a grant of probate.

  • Managing assets:

    The probate attorney manages both the financial and physical assets of the deceased person. This includes identifying, gathering, evaluating and distributing the possessions.

  • Settling disputes:

    Sometimes, it may be difficult for some people to understand the statements of the will. If there are any misunderstandings, then it is pretty evident that disputes may arise between beneficiaries and the executor. However, with professional help, it would be easy to know the wishes of the deceased person mentioned in the will.

  • Paying debts:

    The beneficiaries can only get rights over assets when one clears the debts of the deceased first. The probate attorney pays the debt by using the assets left by the person who has died.

  • Dealing with complexities:

    An attorney can help in both cases of will and no will. Also, if there are any difficulties, such as incomplete specifications, then there is no need to worry as the expert can handle it all.

Conclusion: Preparing documents for the process can be overwhelming, especially when you are in emotional distress due to your loss. However, with professionals by your side, you don’t have to worry about the prerequisites of court. At Jackson and Legal, we understand your problems and solve them with great efficiency. So, if you are looking for the best probate of Wills & Estate Lawyers in Blackwood, then get in touch with us today.