Probate & Deceased Estates

Probate & Deceased Estates Administration

In Deceased Estates Administration If someone who passes away has nominated you to be an executor for administering his/her Probate & Deceased Estates, then a grant of Probate may be required before you can take control of the Probate & Deceased Estate’s assets.

Having us with you during rough times ensures that you deal with any legal challenges with minimal stress. Based in Belair, Jackson & Associates Solicitors can help you in any legal issues related to Deceased Estate Administration and probate. We can assist you with:

  • Gathering information about the estate’s assets
  • Preparation of the Legal documentation required for the Probate application
  • The ongoing administration of the estate
  • Finalising the estate
  • Other aspects of the legal process

The procedure for obtaining a grant of probate requires considerable care and effort. This is why many questions and unexpected scenarios can arise for which a legal consultation may be required. Jackson & Associates can help you with any questions pertaining to Deceased Estate Administration and Advanced Care Directives you can contact us to make an appointment on 8278 8566. Rest assured, your individual situation will be handled with complete respect and confidentiality. You can also use our Contact us page to reach our lawyers.

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For any questions or advice about Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Care Directives or Deceased Estate Administration, get in touch with our friendly staff at  08 8278 8566. We ensure complete respect, confidentiality and best possible legal advice.

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