Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

A Powers of Attorney allows you to plan for unexpected events and allows a person chosen by you. To make decisions related to finance, property and asset management on your behalf. An Enduring Powers of Attorney is different from a will. In that it allows a person to make decisions on your behalf during your lifetime. A Will can only come into effect once you die. It is highly advisable to have a lawyer to assist you with the preparation of this legal documentation. Jackson & Associates are your choice to assist you with a Powers of Attorney and can answer any questions you may have about the operation in Will And Powers Of Attorney of these documents.

Based in Belair, South Australia, Jackson & Associates Solicitors can provide legal assistance in issues related to Powers of Attorney in the following ways:

    • Appointing an attorney
    • Ending a Powers of Attorney
    • Arranging for the acceptance of the Powers of Attorney
    • Other aspects

With dedicated involvement in dealing with an Attorney, we put in our best efforts to bring out the desired legal resolution for you.

Powers of Attorney | Jackson Associates
It is important to be aware that the authority to make decisions in relation to your health, medical needs or lifestyle is not covered under an Enduring Attorney. To ensure that you have the correct documentation to meet your needs, it is important to have a discussion with our lawyer. Jackson & Associates Solicitors can help you with any questions pertaining to Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advanced Care Directives. Get in touch with our lawyer for professional advice by using the Contact us page.
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For any questions or advice about Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Care Directives or Deceased Estate Administration, get in touch with our friendly staff at  8278 8566.. We ensure complete respect, confidentiality and best possible legal advice.

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