Why Is It Important to Have a Will & Advance Care Directive?

Life is a journey filled with unpredictability. Regardless of age, we cannot foresee the challenges it might present or predict the inevitable end – death.

But in the end, death is the ultimate truth; we all have to leave this earth one day to continue our journey toward heaven.

But have you ever thought about what would happen if you died at an unfortunate time? What will happen to your assets, and how will your family manage everything after you?

If not, this is when you accept that life is unexpected and take the precautionary steps to help your family after you.

Two critical tools in this preparation are creating a Will and writing an Advance Care Directive.
Let’s delve into the significance of each.

Wills and Estates Planning: Laying the Foundation

A Will is more than just a document; drawing up a Will and planning your estate according to your personal circumstances ensures that your savings and assets are protected by distributing them according to your current wishes.

It will guide your loved ones, detailing how to handle everything – from your home and money to your personal belongings. You can even spell out your preferences for your funeral in there – the where, the who, and maybe even the who-not.

But for all these wishes to become a reality after your demise, you must pick someone you trust. This person, your executor, ensures that everything unfolds just how you’ve laid it out. And guess what? Your executor can be anyone from your inner circle – Family or friends – the ones you trust without a second thought. Easy, right? Search for Wills and Estates Adelaide today and create your will!

Why You Need This?

  1. Saves Family From Legal Disputes
  2. Better estate planning
  3. Leave instructions for your digital assets.
  4. Provide funeral instructions
  5. It is easy to make a will and have peace of mind that your assets will be distributed as per your wish and not law.
  6. The future is uncertain, so avoid procrastination. If you don’t make a will before you die, your Family will face more distress during an already emotional period. Take action now to spare them additional grief.

Advance Care Directive

An advance care directive is a legal document, just like a will, but the difference is that it outlines your medical needs and preferences when you are incapacitated.

This directive provides a structured approach to planning for a spectrum of scenarios, ranging from anticipated health declines to terminal illnesses and crucial end-of-life decisions.
Similarly, will this document allow a substitute to decide on your behalf based on the information you provided in this document?

Like Will, you need Advance Care Directive Lawyers to write this document.
In practical terms, an Advance Care Directive empowers you to:

  1. Strategically plan for future medical care.
  2. Anticipate and prepare for potential health deterioration resulting from various medical conditions.
  3. Address the complexities surrounding terminal illnesses, including treatment choices and their consequences.
  4. Specify preferences regarding medical treatments, offering clarity on procedures or operations that you may wish to decline.
  5. Establish guidelines for the cessation of further treatment or life-sustaining procedures in the face of traumatic injuries leading to incapacity.
  6. Navigate and make informed decisions regarding end-of-life scenarios.
  7. If You Have Will Do You Still Need To Write Advance Care Directive?

    Having a will does not automatically mean you don’t need an advance care directive. They serve two different purposes, and both are important for ensuring your wishes are respected in the event you become incapacitated.

    Here’s a table summarising the key differences:

    Feature Will Advance Care Directive
    Purpose Distributes assets and names beneficiaries after death Outlines preferences for medical care when unable to make decisions
    Applicability Only takes effect after death Can be applied while still alive and incapacitated.
    Focus Financial inheritance and estate management Medical procedures, treatments, and life support
    Review and update Can be updated at any time Should be reviewed and updated periodically, especially after major life changes.

    Summary: In today’s time, where things are changing at an unexpected pace, even the relations form and dissolve swiftly, it is essential that you have a family lawyer who can help create a will, advance directive care or sort sort any other dispute that arises in the family. And if you are looking for a reliable law firm in Adelaide, visit Jackson Legal.